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  • Local Craft Beer India Pale Ale
    Revolutions are the work of many. It is true for overthrowing colonizers as it is for making great beer. Katipunan Craft Ales are inspired by the tastes of fellow Filipino craft beer enthusiasts. With you in mind, we brew and ferment in small batches from carefully selected ingredients to ensure thi..
    Ex Tax: ₱157.00 ₱157.00
  • Local Craft Beer Tropic Haze
    Tropic Haze is Nipa Brew’s debut beer. It is a light Wheat Ale beer which is very drinkable and refreshing on a hot summer’s day! ..
    Ex Tax: ₱157.00 ₱157.00
  • Rachebeli - Black Plum Wine
    An exquisitely hand-crafted amber-red  dessert wine that has hints of nuts and  berries and characterized by a balance  of sweetness and zesty acidity.  This earthy wine is both flavorful and complex. Enjoy chilled with meat and tomato-based pasta dishes. For..
    Ex Tax: ₱499.00 ₱499.00
  • Rachebeli - Mango Wine
    A remarkably clear pale golden yellow  white wine that is very fruit forward with its bouquet of citrus and fruits.   Has a lingering finish that resonates in the mouth.  Perfectly goes well with  Asian cuisine, salads, and spicy dishes. Amazing with our very ow..
    Ex Tax: ₱499.00 ₱499.00
  • Steep - Blavod (Vodka)
    Black Vodka ..
    Ex Tax: ₱1,000.00 ₱1,000.00
  • Steep - Glen Russell (Whisky)
    Blended Scoth Whisky ..
    Ex Tax: ₱800.00 ₱800.00