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  • RPM Glazed Pilinuts with Sesame 160g
    Glazed pili nuts with sesame seeds combines the three best things a pili snack should have: a bit sweet, a bit salty, with a whole lot of crunch. These pili nut halves have a natural salty taste, glazed with honey extract to add a hint of sweetness. The sesame seeds complement the flavors well, whic..
    Ex Tax: ₱160.00 ₱160.00
  • RPM Honeyglazed Pilinuts 160g
    Sweet and crispy, like good-quality pili should be. These pili nut halves are coated in honey extract. This is the most popular variant of pili nuts and is the perfect pasalubong, healthy snack or as topping for desserts like ice cream, cakes and even brownies. This 160-gram pack is great for sharin..
    Ex Tax: ₱160.00 ₱160.00
  • RPM Mazapan de Pili Big
    Mazapan is a rich, buttery bite-sized dessert that is so delectably sweet . When made with pili nuts, it becomes even more special. This is the perfect dessert after any meal.  ..
    Ex Tax: ₱145.00 ₱145.00
  • RPM Pastillas de Pili
    This is another classic that should not be missed when sampling Filipino desserts. Pastillas is made with powdered milk and condensed milk and is shaped into bite size portions. The sweet milky taste is always a yummy treat for any Pinoy of any age.  ..
    Ex Tax: ₱125.00 ₱125.00
  • RPM Pili Tart Set
    Sweet pili tart in a delicate boat-shaped crust. These bite-sized piece are perfect for an afternoon snack or as a dessert after a savory meal. This set is great for sharing. ..
    Ex Tax: ₱120.00 ₱120.00
  • RPM Pili Tart/Yema Assorted Pouch
    Can't decide between RPM's pili tart or their pili yema? Have a little bit of both with this assorted pouch. Now you can share the goodness with others. .  ..
    Ex Tax: ₱130.00 ₱130.00