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  • RPM Pudding
    Enjoy the soft bite of pudding with the delicate taste of pili in RPM's special dessert. Made with select pili, honey and brown sugar, it is a sweet tempation that is not easy to resist.  ..
    Ex Tax: ₱130.00 ₱130.00
  • RPM Roasted Pilinuts 80g
    Sometimes, the original pili taste is all you need. Slightly salted as part of the roasting process, this pili varient lets you enjoy the subtle, simple taste of pili which you can add to just about anything. This 160-gram pack is big enough for sharing.  ..
    Ex Tax: ₱85.00 ₱85.00
  • RPM Suspiros de Pili 9pcs
    This sweet and delicate snack made with premium quality pili is a must-have for any dessert lover. RPM's products are made with only the finest quality ingredients so you know each bite is going to be delicious. Trust us, you wouldn't be able to have just one bite. Before you know it, this 9 pack is..
    Ex Tax: ₱125.00 ₱125.00
  • RPM Tablea
    RPM's special chocolate tablea is made with rich cocoa powder that can be used for making desserts or virtually any chocolate-based food. The most popular use, however, is as a drink. You can make with just water, with milk, with half and half or with pinipig. No matter how you want our tablea prepa..
    Ex Tax: ₱135.00 ₱135.00
  • Trappistine Assorted Crinkles
    Moist and delicious just like a classic crinkle should be. Bite into the delicately sweet and soft goodness of this dessert today. Flavors include chocolate, lemon, ube, orange, strawberry and mocha. Trappistine products are baked and packed by the nuns of Our Lady of Mount Matutum Monastery.  ..
    Ex Tax: ₱140.00 ₱140.00
  • Trappistine Choco Chip Cookies
    Enjoy a bit of chocolate in every bite of this butter crunch cookie. Trappistine products are baked and packed by the nuns of Our Lady of Mount Matutum Monastery. The classic Italian family recipes is a must-have for coffee breaks. They're great with coffee, cappuccino, tea or even ice cream. Buy th..
    Ex Tax: ₱95.00 ₱95.00