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  • Greenola - Great Wall-Nut Trail Mix
    When it comes to trail mixes, Greenola offers the rare combination of premium nuts and an affordable price point. Get this unique combination of walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts and raisins with the Great Wall-nut Trail Mix.  ..
    Ex Tax: ₱110.00 ₱110.00
  • Greenola - Iran Pitted Dates
    Try out these plump morsels of pitted dates from Iran. Great for salads, baking or as a stand-alone snack. They offer dietyary fiber, anti-oxidants and are a great source of Iron and Vitamin A.  ..
    Ex Tax: ₱60.00 ₱60.00
  • Greenola - Nutty de Choco
    Trail mixes can be fun with this nutty combination of almonds, cashew nuts, candy-coated chocolates and raisins.  ..
    Ex Tax: ₱110.00 ₱110.00
  • Greenola - Nutty de Choco Dark
    When you want premium quality nuts in your trail mix, turn to Greenola. Get high-quality nuts like almonds and cashew nuts mixed with chocolate chips and raisins for a healthy, energy-boosting snack.  ..
    Ex Tax: ₱110.00 ₱110.00
  • Greenola - Nutty de Choco White Trail Mix
    Want a something different for your trail mix? Try the Nutty de Choco White version with almonds, cashew nuts, white chocolate chips and cranberries. The subtle sweetness of the white chocolate chips offer a nice contrast to the tartness of the cranberries.  ..
    Ex Tax: ₱110.00 ₱110.00
  • Greenola - Tropical Nut Trail Mix
    Be transported to the beach under the sizzling heat of the summer sun with Greenola's Tropical Nut Trail Mix. It offers a medley of dried pineapples, mangoes, apricots, cashew nuts and dessicated coconut for a burst of flavor from the tropics.  ..
    Ex Tax: ₱110.00 ₱110.00