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  • RPM Bicol Express
    For those who love spicy food, you haven't seen anything yet until you've tried a few Bicol delicacies. One of the more popular ones is Bicol Express, which combines, pork, coconut milk, shrimp paste and siling labuyo to make a dish that is truly unforgettable. Grab a bottle today and enjoy it any t..
    Ex Tax: ₱120.00 ₱120.00
  • RPM Coco Jam with Pilinuts Big
    Coco jam is a wonderful Bicol delicacy that you shouldn't miss. The sweet spread goes well with your morning pan de sal or as a side dish for anything savory. It is made with coconut cream, sugar cane syrup and pili nut halves. This big jar is for those who just can't get enough of RPM Coco Jam.&nbs..
    Ex Tax: ₱140.00 ₱140.00
  • RPM Ginataang Santol
    Santol fruit slow-cooked in coconut milk is a great Bicol dish that you shouldn't miss out on.It's perfect with a steaming cup of rice or even as an appetizer with crackers. Have your fill today with the bottled version, which makes it convenient to eat any time.  ..
    Ex Tax: ₱120.00 ₱120.00
  • RPM Laing Bottled
    Laing is a popular Bicolano dish made with taro leaves, coconut milk, pork and of course, siling labuyo for that little kick of spice.  The home-made goodness has been bottled so you can have it any time.  ..
    Ex Tax: ₱120.00 ₱120.00
  • RPM Sweet Chili Garlic
    You'll find several versions of sweet chili garlic in supermarkets and grocery stores, but none of them can really stand up to one that is made by a Bicolano dish specialist. These guys know how to work the spice and it's obvious in this sweet chili garlic sauce. Get it here.  ..
    Ex Tax: ₱120.00 ₱120.00