Pik-a-Pikel - Pickled Mango 350g

Pik-a-Pikel - Pickled Mango 350g

Product Code: Pickled Mango 350g
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• Pickled mango or traditionally known as “Burong Mangga” is made from fresh green (unripe) carabao mangoes.  The perfect balance of acidity of the mango and the sweet brine creates a crunchy and delightful experience in every bite!  Pik-a-Pikel’s pickled mango is best paired with your favorite fried or grilled food, through some of our customers munch it straight from the pouch!  If you are a “Balikbayan”, then this is the perfect “Pasalubong” for your family and friends.  It’s lightweight and flexible packaging gives you a worry-free travel.

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