Casa Amarilla

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  • Casa Amarilla-Burger Patties
    Make your family's burger night even more special with Casa Amarilla's Chorizo Burger Patties. Comes in a pack of 6 hefty burgers. Get that authentic Spanish-style chorizo taste that comes from the special mix of premium spices and top-quality pork. This is an all-natural way to enjoy bu..
    Ex Tax: ₱330.00 ₱330.00
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  • Casa Amarilla-Naked Chorizo
    Get authentic Spanish-style skinless chorizo in 500gram packs. Savor the taste of quality pork mixed with premium spices. This is the ultimate breakfast/lunch/dinner choice on top of a steaming cup of rice and served with an sunnyside up egg. If you want to have a tastier pizza or a more..
    Ex Tax: ₱330.00 ₱330.00